This plan is considered a working document and will be updated as required.

Health Declaration

All employees will sign a declaration of health stating that they are currently not experiencing and will not come to work if they begin experiencing the following symptoms of COVID-19:

    • Fever
    • Chills
    • New or worsening cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Sore throat
    • New muscle aches or headache
  • Anyone who has travelled from outside of Canada or who has had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Anyone directed by Public Health to self-isolate must do so
  • All workers will be trained in the proper hygiene practices of washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes, and how to use a mask
  • There will be signage posted on all entrances indicating that any worker or customer/visitor experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted into the building

Any and all health and safety concerns should be brought to the attention of a supervisor or manager immediately.


  • If an employee starts to feel ill at work the following steps must be followed:
    • Sick workers must report to first aid and their supervisor immediately, even if they are experiencing mild symptoms
    • Sick workers must wash or sanitize their hands, be provided with a mask, and isolate immediately. The worker will be asked to go straight home.
    • If the worker is severely ill 911 will be called
    • Any and all surfaces that the ill worker has come into contact with must be cleaned and disinfected immediately
  • The employee will then be directed to call 811 and talk to the local health authority for guidance.
    • If the health authority clears the employee to return to work the employee may do so
    • If the health authority recommends the employee self-isolate and monitors for symptoms for 14 days, the employee must do so.
    • If the health authority recommends the employee be tested for COVID-19, the employee will be unable to return to work until they have received negative test results. The test results will be recorded and kept confidential by the employee’s manager.

Safety Plan 

To reduce the risk of transmission and spread of COVID-19, WorkSafe BC has put out the below model that demonstrates the hierarchy of protocols and policies that help protect employees and customers from the risk of transmission. Below you will find the protocols and policies that Monte Creek has established to mitigate risk while resuming operation. Our Safety Plan and all supporting documents are in the Winery Staff Room and accessible to all staff. Our Covid-19 Safety Plan, and documents, will be revised to meet any changes and updates by our Public Health Officer to keep all staff safe and informed. All employees will sign the Covid-19 Safety Plan training documents after any amendment to monitor the implementation of changes to the Safety Plan and ask any questions or raise any concerns.

1) Elimination

  • When possible, employees can work from home or in a remote office space.
  • Pod scheduling will be done with staff working at corresponding times to create bubbles and to help mitigate the risk of spread in the case that someone becomes ill
  • Lunch breaks will be staggered so that only one individual will be using a common staff area at a time
  • At the end of this document, you will see specific protocols and policies that have been outlined for each job duty. These are to be followed by any individual engaging in these job duties
  • Occupancy limits have been established for all common areas and spaces and must be adhered to at all times. This includes customers/visitors and staff members.
  • Job duties have been modified so that a 2-meter distance can be maintained between staff members. When sharing a common space please be mindful that these 2 meters are maintained wherever possible

      2) Engineering Controls

      • At this time, barriers such as Plexiglas partitions will not be installed as workers’ duties have been modified so that they can maintain a 2-meter distance at all times from customers/visitors and other staff members.
      • If there arises an occasion where a barrier is deemed necessary steps will be taken to install all necessary barriers

      3) Administrative Controls

      Tasting Room

      • Masks will be worn by all tasting room staff. This ensures that if they are not able to maintain a 6-foot distance from fellow employees or customers that they are protected. Gloves are not required to be worn but are available if an employee wishes to wear them. If gloves are not worn employees, need to practice proper handwashing procedures.
      • Signage displaying proper handwashing protocol and use of a mask with be provided and displayed
      • Specific protocols and policies have been outlined for each job duty. These are to be followed by any individual engaging in these job duties
      • Staff is required to bring their own dishes, cutlery, water bottle, mug, and condiments needed for their breaks. These items must be removed from common areas and taken home at the end of each shift.
      • The coffee maker, microwave, and water jug in the winery office will be available for use but must be sanitized after each use with the provided disinfectant.
      • No communal dishes/ items are to be used
      • Occupancy limits will be posted in all shared/common areas. These limits are inclusive of staff and customers/visitors. The following occupancy limits apply:
        • Tasting Room – 25 people, (3 tasting bars with 1 staff member and 4 customers max; 2 supervisors; 2 cashiers; 6 retail patrons)
        • Washrooms- 2 people per washroom
        • Winery office/staff room- 6 people
        • Mezzanine- 2 people
          • There will be physical distancing markers displayed in all common areas so that 2 meters distance can be maintained when in these shared/common spaces.
          • Once capacity has been reached, a line-up will form outside of the tasting room with physical distancing markers indicating where people can wait at a 2-meter distance from others.
          • There will be designated doors at the entrance of the winery for staff/ deliveries and a separate designated entrance for customers/visitors
          • Payment machines will be disinfected between each customer use

              Terrace Restaurant

              • Capacity will be reduced to 50%
              • Tables will be distanced 2 meters from each other
              • Parties will be limited to no more than 6 people per table (not restricted to your household or bubble)
              • Menus will be laminated and be sanitized after each use
              • Masks will be worn by all tasting room and terrace staff. This ensures that if they are not able to maintain a 6-foot distance from fellow employees or customers that they are protected. Gloves are not required to be worn but are available if an employee wishes to wear them. If gloves are not worn employees, need to practice proper handwashing procedures.
              • Servers will leave food and drinks at the front of the table and let guests pass them to the respective guest once the server has stepped away
              • Condiments will be removed from tables and only provided upon request. They will be sanitized after each use.
              • If a customer wishes to take their food to go a take-out container will be provided but the customer will be required to package it themselves
              • Debit/credit will be the preferred method of payment, but cash will still be accepted.
              • Payment machines will be disinfected between each customer
              • Guests are asked to remain seated on the Terrace and to not congregate or socialize with other groups/tables
              • Staff will collect guest information (name, phone number, and date of visit) for contact tracing upon arrival or reservation. Information is kept securely and shredded after 30 days

               Organized Gatherings

              Indoor organized gatherings of any size are not allowed. Examples include:

              • Indoor organized gatherings of any size are not allowed:
                • Sponsored or ticketed parties, celebrations
                • Weddings and funeral receptions
              • Outdoor seated wedding ceremonies will proceed with a maximum of 50% capacity will be able to attend with social distancing between guests, including the officiant. Before, during and after the wedding service, people must not gather or engage socially.
              • Up to 50% of capacity may attend, plus 4 extra people to make sure rules are followed
              • The event organizer and staff present at the event are not included in the 50% limit
              • If the event organizer also acts as the officiant, that person is included in the 50% people limit
              • A record of all guests in attendance and contact information will be collected in the event that contact tracing must be conducted.
              • Cleaning protocols will be used to sanitize regularly
              • Sanitization stations will be provided
              • Masks or visors will be worn by all guests and workers
              • Checklists are in place to monitor guests and safety protocols in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19


              • All staff will be provided with the corresponding training regarding this COVID-19 Safety Plan as well as the policies and procedures put in place for each job description so that all staff members are aware of the necessary steps to protect their own health and the health of our customers
              • All staff have been provided with communication and training surrounding safe work practices during Covid-19. Our staff is aware of the policies and procedures outlined in this document and are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback to managers on the information included.
              • With a high risk of workplace violence due to the service of alcohol, all staff are trained to be professional, confident, calm, kind and knowledgeable when responding to conflict with customers. Our team is provided verbal training and resources to assist with maintaining professionalism. Staff members will manage their response by:
                • Demonstrate empathy
                • Observe body language
                • Avoid Overreacting
                • Simplify Messages
                • Respect personal space
                • Enforce reasonable limits
                • Permit venting and touching
                • Display active listening and paraphrasing to avoid misunderstanding
                • Seeking a manager to assist with the customer

              Cleaning and Training

              • Cleaning policies and procedures for all common areas have been established using checklists and delegated staff members that address proper disinfection of common touchpoints. Although cleaning products remove dirt, germs, and impurities from surfaces by using soap, detergent and water, cleaning does not necessarily kill germs. By removing them as frequently as possible, we are lowering the risk of spreading infection.
              • Cleaning frequency schedules, that address high touchpoints, have been set and will be followed to maintain proper disinfection of all common areas and common touchpoints, tracking cleaning and disinfecting is performed hourly, and who is assigned to carry out the task. Hard surfaces such as counters, tables and handles should be cleaned with regular hard surface cleaning products prior to disinfection.
              • Proper cleaning supplies, PPE, and equipment are to be used when disinfecting and stored safely within the designated cleaning closet in the winery.
              • Operations and Safety Manager documents and refills cleaning chemicals biweekly
              • All staff are trained on where cleaning supplies are kept, to not use
              • All staff are trained on chemical exposures. Steps with taking with all staff are:
                • Read labels and MSDS’s for chemical products and update every three years
                • Ensure all containers have proper labelling that identifies the contents
                • Store chemicals in a properly ventilated, locked area with posted warning signs
                • Proper use of PPE (clothing, gloves, goggles, face mask/shield)
                • Before removing gloves, wash them underwater. Once removed wash hands with soap
                • Work in an adequately ventilated area with approved fire protection

              4) Updating & Monitoring the Covid-19 Safety Plan

              • The Operations Manager is responsible for implementing this Covid-19 Safety Plan throughout the workplace.
              • The Operations Manager is responsible for reviewing and updating the Covid-19 Safety Plan when PHO are modified/updated.

              5) Personal Protective Equipment

              • Masks will be worn by all tasting room and terrace staff and customers. This ensures that if they are not able to maintain a 6-foot distance from fellow employees or customers that they are protected. Office staff and cellar staff are required to wear a mask in all common/ shared areas and when working/meeting with other staff. They are not required to wear a mask when working in their individual offices alone. Gloves are not required to be worn but are available if an employee wishes to wear them. If gloves are not worn employees, need to practice proper handwashing procedures.
              • Under the public health order, face masks are required for customers. Below are the listed exemptions:
                • People with health conditions or with physical, cognitive, or mental impairments who cannot wear one
                • People who cannot remove a mask on their own
                • Children under the age of 5
              • Signage will be posted communicating mandatory masks, and training provided on proper hygiene including washing of hands, the proper way to cough and sneeze, and how to use and wear a mask.
              • All customers who are not wearing a mask will be approached to inform them of the expectation at Monte Creek Winery and will be provided with a mask should they have forgotten to bring one. Customers who are exempt from wearing a mask will be allowed in the winery; however, must maintain physical distancing while visiting us.

              6) Proper handwashing/cover coughs and sneezing/mask-wearing

              Hand washing

              • Regular hand washing is an important step in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Monte Creek Winery employees must wash their hands when they arrive at the workplace, before and after breaks, after coughing, sneezing or touching the face, after using the washroom and before leaving work. Soap and water are preferred, but hand sanitizer with at least a 70% alcohol base can be used when soap and water are unavailable, or as an additional control.
                • Wet your hands with running water (warm or cold)
                • Apply soap
                • Lather and scrub your hands with soap, covering all surfaces including the palm and backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails for at least 20 seconds.
                • Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.
                • Dry your hands using a clean towel.
                • Use a towel to turn off the tap (in public spaces)

              If you are using alcohol-based hand rub, ensure your hands are not visibly soiled, apply about a loonie-sized amount of sanitizer and rub all surfaces of your hands until completely dry, about 20 seconds.

              7) Return to Work/Falling Ill at Work

              Any worker that receives a positive COVID-19 test result will not be allowed to return to the workplace until the following conditions are met:

              • Fully Vaccinated: at least 5 days have passed when symptoms first started (or from the test date if asymptomatic). Face coverings should be worn even where masks aren’t required and avoid high-risk environments such as gatherings for an additional 5 days past the end of isolation.

              Not Fully Vaccinated: at least 10 days have passed when symptoms first started (or from the test date if asymptomatic).

              • No sign of fever for at least 24 hours without the use of medication that reduces fever symptoms.
              • Symptoms have improved.

              When the conditions listed above are met, individuals are not considered contagious and may return to the workplace. Though able to return, recovery from the illness may take up to two weeks for mild cases and twelve weeks for severe symptoms.

              If any worker becomes ill at the worksite, they are to report to their supervisor. The employee will be isolated from the other employees on the worksite and arrangements will be made for them to go home whether that be by them driving themselves home, a company delegate driving them home in a company vehicle (with extra precautions and cleaning) or a member of their household transporting them home. Remember to follow community guidelines for the use of transit and rideshare companies.

              As our PHO and government officials guide through BC’s Restart Plan, our Covid-19 Safety Plan will be amended to follow all orders issued by the Public Health Officer and guidelines provided by WorkSafe BC.

              We want to thank our guests for their support as we navigate this new normal. We appreciate your patience while our team adjusts to our new daily operations. We are all in this together. We are doing our best to protect you. Please do your best to protect yourself and others.

              THANK YOU!