HELLO 2019!

2019 is officially here! A New Year mean new New Year’s resolutions, or perhaps digging up the one from past years and dusting them off for the fourth year in a row. But hey, fifth time’s the charm, right? But THIS year will be different because it’s 2019 – New Year, New YOU!

Typical resolutions are “eat better & drink LESS alcohol” So we’d imagine that wine has probably not been a part of your resolution list in the past. We’re sorry that you have been missing out all these years!

We can’t think of a more enjoyable way to expand your horizons than drinking more exciting wines for the grand year of 2019. So keep reading to see how you can improve your wine knowledge in 2019. The more the merrier so let’s get the corks popping and wines flowing!

Branch Out

A great thing about wine is that it’s always changing – new wineries, new vintages, new winemaking techniques, new wines and new wine regions like the Thompson Valley! If you’re new into wine or are already a seasoned wine-o, there’s always room to drink more wine – responsibly of course. When you taste a variety of different wines, you’ll begin to develop your palate and find your taste preferences. We’re not saying that you should abandon the wines you’ve grown to love, but rather to branch out every now and again to see what the wine world has to offer. This will surely fulfill this New Year’s Wine Resolution.

Go Beyond the Label

Have you ever purchased a bottle of wine solely on its appearance? Most of us have. This resolution involves looking beyond the aesthetically pleasing label and actually reading the details on the wine. Start by looking at the varietal – this can be decided based on things such as recipes, your mood or simply taste preference.

Next, look at the region – this could hinge on whether or not you want to try something new (remember Resolution #1) or if you’re fond of a particular wine growing area. Maybe you would prefer to support your local wine region rather than one from another country.

If you know anything about a particular vintage, perhaps you’ll want to give it a try. Some growing years are better than others.

These are all possible aspects to sway your decision regardless of the label. If you’re a label shopper (no shame in that!) or shop by the best deal of the day, you can still use some of these pointers to narrow down your choices and select a great wine with an eye-catching label.

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Learn Wine Terminology

There’s nothing worse than doing a wine tasting and having no idea what the wine associate is talking about – terroir, lees, decant, appellation, etc. Plus, where do you even begin when the tasting notes use descriptives such as earthly, or damp forest floor…unless you ate dirt as a kid, how would you know what that tastes like? An obvious solution would be to do a bit of research and try to pinpoint these subtleties, or you can simply keep drinking and tasting more wine! We prefer the latter. In doing so you’ll start to pick up on the various smells and flavors that fit the tasting descriptions and who knows, you might even find yourself using some fancy new wine terms while you “let your wine breathe”.

Throw A Wine Tasting Party!

Like you need another excuse to throw a party and drink wine – after all, you are just doing your wine research and becoming more knowledgeable! We know it’s hard, but someone has to do it.

Step 1: Purchase Wine = Key Element

Step 2: Invite the party people. It is fun to enjoy the wine and learn about the wine with a group of like-minded people. Set a theme, make people dress up, play wine games or challenge your taste buds by setting up a Blind Tasting. The sky is the limit!

Step 3: Taste, talk and have fun!

Take A Wine Vacation

We just came off our winter vacation and we’re already talking about taking another! First a party and now a vacation – best New Year’s resolution ever. But in all seriousness, there is no better way to taste wine than at the winery itself where the magic in the bottle actually happens. Soon enough you’ll be sipping on great wine, learning about the winery and enjoying the ambiance. You’ll get to see the vineyards first hand, explore where wine is made and interact with the staff or maybe even the winemaker. But best of all, it’s a special opportunity to ask questions and discover what goes into making the wines you’re tasting. Don’t forget to purchase a few bottles to enjoy back at home too so you can share your experience with friends and family later!

Remember, that although it may be winter time, many Tasting Rooms in BC are still open – just give them a call before you make the trip.

If you haven’t already visited the Kamloops Wine Trail, you should add it to your list! If you have visited, you should add it to your list again!

Join a Wine Club

Last but definitely not least, think about joining a wine club. What better way to branch out than having award-winning wines arrive at your home. At Monte Creek Ranch Winery, each shipment is chosen for its quality and by featuring different wines each shipment you get a chance to try a wide range of varietals too! Just start by deciding if you want to receive 6-bottle shipments or 12-bottle shipments, then select your wine preference (red, white or mix) to assist our winemakers in best picking the right wines for your taste. Did we mention that you also receive complimentary wine tastings for you and a friend in addition to online and in-store discounts? If this sounds like something that may interest you, check out our website for more information or email [email protected].

Cheers to the New Year and remember to please drink responsibly!