Through quality, innovation and sustainability, Monte Creek Winery in the Thompson Valley is turning unique growing conditions into award-winning premium wines. Visit Kamloops’ largest winery to enjoy seasonal al fresco patio dining, host private events, shop local products, taste award-winning wines, and take in the stunning river valley views.

Monte Creek Winery invites guests to taste the wines year-round in the picturesque Tasting Room, or indulge in wine and food at the Terrace Restaurant during spring and summer. Monte Creek Winery has been open to the public since June 2015, with expansion plans to continue growing the business both locally and nationally. With an agricultural background, the winery team understands how important it is to have healthy permaculture  for successful and sustainable farming.  As of Fall 2023 all three of our vineyards as well as our production facility are certified organic and we continue to grow our knowledge of the surrounding ecosystems. Learn more about our sustainable methods here. Monte Creek Winery is made up of 120 acres of vines planted at three vineyards, Monte Creek,  Lion’s Head and Keremeos. Our staff are eager and excited to help visitors learn more about the Monte Creek Winery experience.

The Winery

Monte Creek Ranch Winery building overlooking the South Thompson River

Monte Creek Winery’s building is a simple expression of place and purpose.

The building design was derived using iconic forms of the “Mission style” and regional barn structures. By repurposing authentic elements with the traditional tools and modern technology of winemaking, an Old-School-meets-New-School approach creates a place of community and celebration. Weathered zinc, concrete, glass, and steel make up the primary building materials used in this modern interpretation of Barn Architecture.

As a recurring theme throughout, the “River-of-Life” is reflected in the careful setting and building orientation that embraces the natural geography and climate. The Campanile/bell tower is an instantly recognizable beacon for gathering. Parapet gables and simple forms that characterize the region’s best historic buildings convey a sense of permanence and craft.

On the production side, Larry Ferar Gravity Flow helped to design our high-end cellar. The gravity flow system is gentler on the fruit and prevents shearing of seeds and skins, and is a low impact production operation, taking less fuel and energy to produce wine this way. The Monte Creek Winery team is always striving to find ways to ensure that our business practices are respectful of the environment and also support a non-interventionist approach to winemaking.

The Interiors

Weddings at Monte Creek Ranch

The interior design of Monte Creek Winery takes a straightforward, rational approach, by using a simple and modest palette of materials to carry an aesthetic that befits the architecture of the winery. The main gathering space is sheathed in birch wood to provide a warm, welcoming cue to visitors. Metal barn doors add an industrial accent, as does the polished concrete floor, aluminum tubing and perforated sheeting used in the retail area. A large custom chandelier in the main tasting room integrates the design elements.

The interior space provides a quiet, respectful background to the breathtaking views around the winery while elevating the experience of ‘tasting the grape’ in a spectacular setting.


The Greenhouse


Much like other wineries in BC, Monte Creek Winery’s vineyards are growing rapidly. With this growth comes the need for more vines across the province. When investigating our carbon footprint, we quickly learned that our most significant contributor was through the supply chain. Introducing a local option for vines provides both ourselves and others with healthier plants due to shorter transit times and a less negative impact on the environment.

A comprehensive infrastructure plan and design will see a traditional greenhouse also being used as a learning center for local schools. There is good potential for students in agriculture, agri-tourism, sciences, and more, to do both co-op and project-based learning. It’s important to the Monte Creek Winery team to bring the community together; we think this new greenhouse space can also celebrate other culinary arts and local artisans.