A HUGE thank you to the Kamloops Community for nominating us for the 2020 34th Annual The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce and MNP LLP Business Excellence Awards! It is an honour to be a part of this wonderful community. We were nominated for “Inclusive Workplace” and “Service provider (11+ Staff)”! The support and encouragement we receive from you is truly heart warming and we appreciate you! This nomination shows that you appreciate us too, so, thank you Kamloops! We’ll be eagerly waiting for the finalists to be announced on July 31st – wish us luck! ⁠


The 34th annual Business Excellence Awards are brought to the community by the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce and MNP LLP. Nominations have now closed for 2020 and an independent selection committee will be tasked with scoring each nominee. The chamber received 305 nominations, nominating 238 unique Kamloops businesses. 

Check out all of the nominees HERE.