We are so excited to announce that we have completed the Fast Track to Sustainability Green Step Program!
Some key steps for us to have achieved this was completing the following items:

1. Added more recycling options throughout the winery grounds.
2. Enhanced team education about recycling.
3. We brought in pigs on the ranch to eat all the food waste from our restaurant rather than throwing away.
4. Implemented a compost system.
5. Used teleconferencing to reduce the need for constant corporate travel.
6. Replaced water service with in-faucet filtration.
7. Used chickens for controlling weeds and pests “Chicken Tractors”.
8. Fully functional Laboratory onsite to test soil, grapes etc.

At Monte Creek Winery we plan to continue to reach more sustainability goals in all facets of the business to ensure we are leaving this place better than how we have found it. Stay tuned for more information regarding our progress.