Our team is happy to end 2021 and kick off the new year with some big changes to better reflect our commitment to quality, ongoing innovation, and sustainable practices. We have made a refinement to our name and packaging, and investments in winery infrastructure.

 A Brand Refresh That Represents Our Ethos

 You will soon encounter Monte Creek wines with a new look, as we roll out updated packaging with a modernized logo and aesthetic.

“We felt that our brand needed an update to better align with our vision,” shares Erik Fisher, general manager at Monte Creek Winery. “Over the last eight years, we’ve invested our time and resources into creating a motivated, innovative, and sustainable operation, and the look we had was not reflecting this anymore. We are ready for wine lovers to understand who we are both in the bottle and on the shelf: a premium product that is delicious and sustainable.”

The new-look came to life at the desk of designer Adrienne Van Haeren of Signify Design. The design conveys a sense of straightforward authenticity in describing the nature of the winery, environmental conditions, and processes.

The center of the new logo illustrates an M, symbolic of both Monte Creek and the rows of the vineyards. The C on the bottom incorporates the C from Monte Creek and is also symbolic of the ancient lake that formed the terroir. The negative space within the monogram that forms a V, signifies the Thompson Valley. The monogram resembles a thumbprint, to reflect our winemaking team’s intentional handcrafted process.

To complete the rebrand, Monte Creek wines are now divided into separate lineups. The wines can be ordered here on the site or at select stores throughout British Columbia.

Learn about our new label lineup:

Ancient Waters

The Ancient Waters series refers to the historical geological events that formed the land and prized soils. The first release under this new label is the 2019 Ancient Waters Chardonnay, which is already receiving early praise, including Platinum at the 2021 WineAlign Awards, Double Gold at the 2021 All Canadian Wine Championships and 90 Points from the 2021 Decanter World Wine Awards. Other wines to look out for in this series are Riesling, Rosé, and Pinot Noir.

Photo Credit : The Collective Loft

Living Land

The 2020 Living Land Rosé and 2020 Living Land Sparkling Rosé are current examples from this series. The Rosé was awarded a Double Gold at the 2021 All Canadian Wine Championships and the Sparkling Rosé Gold at the 2021 BC Lieutenant Governor’s Awards. The Living Land series also features La Crescent, Chardonnay, Sparkling, Rosé, Piquette, Pinot Noir, Foch, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Merlot.

The Living Land series is a celebration of the idea that great wines only come from balanced vines and earth that is truly alive and thriving. It speaks to the idea that to grow incredible fruit, you must promote and maintain an environment that is healthy and working with nature, not against it.

Photo Credit : The Collective Loft

Pioneer series

The Pioneer series includes the popular Hands Up White and Hands Up Red blends.

The Pioneer series makes a nod to the history of the area, as it relates to pioneers, frontiersmen, and prospectors – even train robbers like Bill Miner – as they sought their fortunes in the area that is now the home to Monte Creek Winery. Pursuing viticulture in the Thompson Valley embodies the pioneering spirit as well. Our winemaker Galen Barnhardt says “we are at the boundary of cool climate viticulture. It is when wineries push boundaries that exciting, unique, and delicious wines are made.”

Ongoing Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is one of our core values at Monte Creek Winery. Our team believes in and practices regenerative agriculture, a practice that includes the rehabilitation and conservation of the ecosystem. Examples of techniques include a compost program and using cover crop blends with Indigenous species. For those who wish to learn more about our team’s projects, see more details.

 The vineyards are farmed organically with permaculture in mind. Our team utilizes “chicken tractors” in the vineyard (allowing chickens to graze row by row), and we also are a Certified Salmon-Safe farm, certified for practices that protect and enhance salmon health and habitat through transformative land and water management practices.

 Monte Creek Winery’s sustainable practices don’t stop in the vineyards. Our onsite Terrace restaurant is 100% OceanWiseTM, and our winery team has employed several initiatives that reduce energy consumption and waste, all geared to minimizing the winery’s carbon footprint. Examples of these initiatives include using pigs to eat food scraps from the kitchen, and growing produce that’s used in both restaurant dishes and beverages.

 Through our wine-growing practices, high-quality wines, and visitor experience, our mission is to become your best wine experience in British Columbia. We want to know what you think. Tag us @montecreekwinery on social media and if we can help you, please get in touch.