Monte Creek Winery in Kamloops

This month and next month we want to put focus on our community and a business that also shares some of the same values as us. Protecting the environment and animals living on the same land like us.


BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops, BC,  is about giving wildlife a second chance to rehab and recover from past traumas and accidents sometimes caused by humans. They’re funded through many donations throughout the year and also through fundraising programs such as Wildlights. But this past year has put a halt to many fundraisers they have done successfully in the past.  “With the cancellation of Wildlights, the BCWP will lose more than $250,000.00 in revenue. The revenue normally generated during Wildlights provides the required funds to cover our average monthly grocery bill of $10,000.00, and care for the nearly 200 permanent residents, the Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre patients, and care for the owls in our breeding program.” – Julie Ratcliffe, Marketing & Events Manager at BC Wildlife Park.

With all that said, we will be donating $1 for every bottle of wine sold at our Winery here in Monte Creek and or through our website This will run from January 15th until February 28th, so next time when you purchase one of our wines, just know that $1 is going to the BC Wildlife Park to support their ever growing list of needs. If you wish to donate further, visit their website at