National Rosé Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in June.  Rosé is probably the oldest known type of wine, dating back as far as 600 BC.  Rosé wines are generally made from red grapes and are very versatile wines that complement many types of food. Rosé is lighter than red wine and deeper than white wine.  The pink color of rosé wine depends on the time the grape skin stays in contact with the juice, also known as maceration.  There are rosé wines that are semi-sparkling or sparkling, with different intensities of sweetness levels and dryness.

Our rosé is wild fermented. What does wild fermented mean? Instead of adding yeast, the yeast comes naturally from from the grapes and from yeast particles found floating around the cellar! Why would we do that you may ask? To add layers of texture and flavour. Quaffability undiminished. No dumbing allowed. We use 100% Marquette in our rosé. This red wine grape with the French name, ripens early and is well suited to cooler climates. These small berries with pink pulp provide a nice skin-to-juice ratio and provide its gorgeous colour.  Think fresh strawberries and crisp rhubarb!  This fruity yet dry rose is sure to please any palette!

Celebrate National Rosé Day by having a bottle of Rosé wine with dinner or simply invite friends over for h’orderves and enjoy each other’s company.  Share your special evening on Social Media using #NationalRoséDay.



Try our 2017 Rosé for yourself!