As of September 2023, we are Certified Organic in all three vineyard sites – Monte Creek, Lion’s Head and the Keremeos Vineyard site as well as the production facilities.  This emphasis on natural farming not only preserves the integrity of the land but also results in wines with enhanced complexity and depth.

“Our biggest priority in the vineyard right now is soil health, we truly believe that health soil leads to healthy fruit which leads to better quality wine.” says Galen Barnhardt.  We celebrate the idea that great wines only come from balanced vines and earth that is truly alive and thriving.  To grow incredible fruit, we must promote and maintain an environment that is healthy and working with nature, not against it.  Within our vineyards, we are farming for flavour.  Every decision made in the vineyard reflects this maxim, whether it is pruning, shoot thinning, leaf removal, cluster thinning, harvesting or any of the other tasks that take place through the year.  Our winemaking philosophy is to show the terroir, we have vineyards in extraordinary places and we want to showcase what makes our site unique by letting the wines speak for themselves.