Roots. The word root can have multiple meanings, but in the end, it conveys a message of connection. A universal understanding is that the essence of the word is about ties. Roots are what ties a plant to its nutrients and also what ties people to each other. It can be argued that roots are the support system of life.
Roots are important at Monte Creek Winery, not only in our farming practices but as our ‘why.’ Why are we in the business of producing wine? We are passionate about wine. We live in such a diverse and remarkable place. A place that allows for vineyards to prosper and to produce quality, world-class wines. When you have such a strong passion for something, it is natural to want to share this passion with others. At Monte Creek Winery, we are blessed to share our passion for wine with guests at the winery every day.
Much like other wineries in BC, Monte Creek’s vineyards are growing rapidly. With this growth comes the need for more vines across the province.  At Monte Creek, environmental stewardship is very important to us. When investigating our carbon footprint, we quickly learned that our most significant contributor was through the supply chain. Introducing a local option for vines provides both ourselves and others with healthier plants due to shorter transit times and a less negative impact on the environment.
“The addition of the greenhouse for our vineyard operation is fantastic! Given enough time, our vines in the greenhouse would develop a very efficient and strong root system that would give them great strength and adaptability to the soil at the moment of planting them. Clean, healthy vines are the key to produce high-quality wine,” said Miguel Fontalvo, Monte Creek Winery Vineyard Manager.
A comprehensive infrastructure plan and design will see a traditional greenhouse also being used as a learning center for local schools.  There is good potential for students in agriculture, agri- tourism, sciences and more to do both co-op and project-based learning. We are also currently exploring opportunities for this space while it’s not being used for growing. It’s important to Monte Creek Winery to bring the community together; we think this new greenhouse space can also celebrate other culinary arts and local artisans.