2021 Monte Creek Co-ops

Being a Co-op at Monte Creek Winery

Did you know there are co-op students at Monte Creek Winery? It’s true! “Co-op” stands for co-operative education, and it is a program in universities where students can spend…[Read More]

Winery Dogs 1

BC SPCA Tail Gate Series

Everyone knows that we love dogs at Monte Creek Winery. So, when the opportunity came up to help out our canine companions and our other four-legged friends, we jumped…[Read More]


The Greenhouse at Monte Creek

Roots. The word root can have multiple meanings, but in the end, it conveys a message of connection. A universal understanding is that the essence of the word is…[Read More]


2021 All Canadian Wine Championships

About the All Canadian Wine Championships The All Canadian Wine Championships have just released their picks for Canada’s best wines. They received 1,365 Canadian wines to judge within 50…[Read More]


2021 Decanter World Wine Awards

About the Decanter World Wine Awards The world’s “largest and most influential wine competition,” the 2021 Decanter World Wine Awards just released their results, having judged 18,094 wines from…[Read More]

best of kamloops

2021 Best of Kamloops Awards

About the Best of Kamloops Awards The Best of Kamloops awards are held annually by KamloopsNow and Valley First. The competition allows people to nominate and vote for their…[Read More]

Bloom the Badger 1

BC Badger Conservation

  Monte Creek Winery is supporting BC badger conservation! All badgers in BC are of the subspecies, Taxidea taxus jeffersonii, and BC is the only place in the world…[Read More]